F.I.T.S BITES – Banana Chocolate Chip


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Looking for a Healthy Snack without all that artificial sugars and colors? A snack that tastes yummy and is good for the whole family?Look no further, F.I.T.S. Bites:
* Brings you a healthy snack that satisfies all of your sugar cravings while hitting your nutritional goals.
* Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free.
* Vegan Protein Cake Bites made with quality ingredients.
* Made for people that are looking for a quick snack without the unnecessary processed sugars.We created F.I.T.S. Bites for our children to eat in between sports events, snacks for school and just a healthier option to sweets.  The feedback was immense and not only children were eating them, but we had adults of all ages indulging in these little bites!

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