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Weekly Subscription 10% off – $139.50 (reg $155)
Orders MUST be in by THURSDAY for weekend delivery.

$139.50 / 7 days$155.00

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Hear It From Our Members

At F.I.T.S, we pride ourselves on the real transformations and breakthroughs that our members experience. Our community is our heartbeat, and these stories are a testament to the life-changing journeys that begin right here with us. From newfound confidence to surpassing fitness goals, the voices of our family resonate with success and genuine satisfaction. Read on to discover how F.I.T.S has made a lasting impact on real people with real aspirations, just like you.

Navigating our hectic schedules as a fitness trainer and an entrepreneurial power couple makes finding healthy on-the-go options a challenge. Big thanks to FITS for keeping us in sync with our macros and supporting our shared commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Cheers to balancing business and well-being together.

Daury & Nelissa Dross
CEO Drossfit Therapy

In the hustle of commuting daily from Brooklyn to NYC and empowering clients, finding high-performance food is a mission. Thank you, FITS meals, for the revolutionary 5-day plan, meticulously labeled for optimal timing. It goes beyond convenience – saving money, hitting macros, and elevating my physical and mental game. Here's to FITS, the ultimate fuel for my journey!

Gabe Snow
Health & Wellness Coach

As a celebrity trainer immersed in daily workout classes, sourcing quality meals becomes a challenge. Enter FITS meals – a seamless 1-2-3 solution! Subscribe, receive a timely text with your meal plan status, refrigerate, and voilà – a 5-day meal plan that perfectly aligns with my busy lifestyle. Huge gratitude to FITS for revolutionizing my approach to nutrition!

Yusef Myers

I can’t praise F.I.T.S Meals enough for revolutionizing my fitness journey. The diverse and delicious meals not only satisfied my taste buds but also perfectly aligned with my nutritional needs. The convenience of having tailored, ready-to-eat meals allowed me to stay committed to my fitness routine without compromising on flavor or health. Thanks to this service, reaching my fitness goals has become both enjoyable and attainable. Highly recommend for anyone looking to enhance their nutrition and streamline their path to success!

Danny Sanchez
Fitness Coach

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